PPATEC Hires Additional Instructor to Support Growing Technical Training Program




(MIDDLETOWN, Pa) — The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) is excited to announce the hiring of Mike Elmer as the association’s newest team member to serve in the role of Technical Instructor. The PPA is a not-for-profit trade association representing 450+ energy stakeholders. PPA also operates PPATEC (Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Technical Education Center) which offers leading hands-on technical training solutions for the HVAC and energy industry.

In his new position, Elmer will be responsible for continuing to expand PPATEC instructional capacity. This will specifically include being the primary instructor for air conditioning, electrical, heat pumps, plumbing, gas heating, and HVAC installation offerings at PPATEC. Elmer will also work closely with Alan Mercurio (PPATEC Lead Technical Instructor) to grow his instructional capabilities for oilheat related training.

Elmer brings over 20 years of field experience working for a leading contractor in the South-Central PA region. His extensive background includes field experience as a lead troubleshooting service technician for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing applications.

Elmer joins PPA during a period of continued growth for the association’s technical training program. In January 2023, PPATEC doubled its training capacity with the addition of a second instructional classroom. This building modification allowed the trade school to start offering concurrent training classes in 2023 which it will continue to expand upon in the future. The additional space also allows the association to expand the offerings of their state licensed and GI Bill® eligible 10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program. This gateway program was created to provide baseline skills needed to begin a career in the HVAC and energy industry.

“We’re excited to welcome Mike to PPA,” said Ted Harris, PPA’s Executive Vice President. “Mike’s extensive field experience in multiple facets of the HVAC and plumbing trade is a huge asset for PPATEC as we continue to expand our trade school. Having Mike as a full-time member of our team will also create more consistency as our core curriculum continues to expand beyond our traditional oilheat training offerings.”

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The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association, based in Middletown, Pa., is a not-for-profit trade association who represents 450+ energy stakeholders. The PPA operates PPATEC (Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Technical Education Center) which offers leading hands-on training solutions for the HVAC and energy industry. For more information on the Association or its programs, visit https://papetroleum.org/