At PPATEC, our courses are concentrated to be direct and hands-on. Each course is designed to offer students a balance of classroom and field work so that every student can graduate with proper training, enter the workforce with confidence, and secure employment.

PPATEC is operated and funded by local Pennsylvania member companies that are looking to help support our industry and the career development of its workforce. Member companies contribute funds and equipment, help design course programs, and look for viable job candidates in PPATEC’s graduating classes. Check out our schedule of upcoming courses, or click below to learn more about why PPATEC is the best choice for completing your HVAC certification in Pennsylvania.


Courses are designed and led by seasoned industry professionals, and the coursework is solely focused on the certification at hand. PPATEC offers connections with local companies and potential employers as well as a streamlined learning experience with all of this and more.


Our Instructors

Learn from seasoned industry professionals in your area! PPATEC’s team of instructors share years of experience in the industry. Each instructor has previous experience teaching their craft, while also offering unique background information on a variety of roles and responsibilities in the field.