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The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Technical Education Center (PPATEC) is a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA). The PPA is not-for-profit trade association representing 400+ firms within the energy sector. The PPATEC training program is supported by our membership to provide workforce development within our industry. This includes direct guidance from our employer membership on the type of curriculum that is taught within our HVAC & Energy Professional Program. This continuous feedback from our membership ensures attendees are well-positioned to enter the workforce upon graduation from the program.

What differentiates PPATEC from other career training institutions is the direct connection with our membership. While we do not guarantee employment, we do represent potential employers in nearly every part of the state. Our staff will work with you directly during the course of the training program to help you schedule interviews with employers who are members of our trade association.   

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AERO EnergyDeluxe Plumbing & HeatingMoyerRhoads EnergyShipley EnergySuburban PropaneTevis EnergyZimmerman
This is only a representation of the member companies who support PPATEC.