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Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit scholarship foundation was established to offer tuition assistance for individuals who wish to attend the HVAC & Energy Professional Program. It is funded primarily HVAC and energy industry stakeholders to directly support the introduction of new technicians into the HVAC and energy industry. The Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation is a separate entity of PPATEC is governed by an independent board of directors.

Qualifying students are eligible to receive a $3,000 grant to attend the PPATEC HVAC & Energy Professional Program. The scholarship application deadline for the July 2024 HVAC & Energy Professional Program is June 8, 2024.
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Utilities Employee Credit Union (UECU)

PPATEC is partnering with Utilities Employees Credit Union to offer a private education line of credit for individuals who would like to attend the 10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program. Please apply online or contact PPATEC to learn more about student tuition loans.

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Other Scholarships

Many civic clubs, trade associations, and private businesses offer scholarships and other types of aid to students. In most cases, these scholarships are transferable to PPATEC. Some examples of scholarships to assist students who wish to enter into the trades can be found below.