Navigating through the various transportation requirements for hazardous materials is not an easy task. Regardless if the product is fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, or propane, there are similar regulations in place. PPATEC currently offers two different training seminars geared toward giving attendees the information they need to know to be compliant. HM-126F certification is required at least once every three years for anyone who is defined as a HazMat employee. More information can be found here on who is defined as an HazMat employee. Our DOT Compliance Management Seminar is a high-level overview of current and upcoming regulations that is crucial for owners and managers to be aware of.

“Norm Anger does a great job with both the HazMat and DOT classes offered through the PPA. The class material has the right blend of combing practical applications from the field along with covering the rigorous FMCSA requirements that petroleum marketers need to know. It is extremely difficult to be 100% compliant with FMCSA regulations but attending these classes will help you work towards that goal. ”
Bruce Limbert, Heating Oil Manager, Moyer Indoor Outdoor