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Our 10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program equips you with the fundamentals and certifications you need to begin your career in the HVAC & energy industry. Our training program is run by 400+ companies that want to create a pathway for new individuals to enter our industry.

The employer members who support our program are interested in sponsoring your tuition to attend the 10-week training course and offer you employment within their organization.

In just 10 short weeks, you’ll learn all the important electrical, air conditioning, heating system, and propane knowledge to begin your career in the industry—you may even qualify for free tuition. We provide direct, hands-on learning experiences that offer the industry certifications and professional skills needed to land a great job.

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Program Starts July 10, 2023!

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Wondering How to Get Free Tuition?

Many of our students qualify for free or reduced tuition to attend the program through employer sponsorships, scholarships, financial assistance programs, or by using GI Bill benefits for those who are military veterans. Once you submit the form on this page, we'll put you in touch with an expert who will be happy to discuss your financial options with you. Remember, this form isn't a binding contract; it's simply a request to speak with someone who can provide more information based on your unique scenario. Inquire today to get one-on-one support including financial suggestions that are personalized just for you!

Why Attend the Program?

1 Affordable—Possibly Waived—Tuition!

2 High Job Demand For Graduates

3 Competitive Starting Wages

4 Industry Supported Curriculum

5 Accelerated Hands-On Training

Why Choose the HVAC & Energy Industry?

The energy industry is an essential business that homes and businesses require across the country. Primary energy sources include electricity, natural gas, heating oil, and propane. Buildings match their energy sources with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to provide comfort throughout the various seasons. The need for HVAC systems will never fade. Increased demand for skilled workers will continue to result in higher wages for qualified candidates.

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