NORA Gold – Advanced Steam

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  • September 17, 2021
    8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Take a moment to think about the flowing three statements:

  • The components of warm air systems control the flow of air.
  • The components of hot water systems control the flow of water.
  • The components of steam systems control the flow of steam.

They each make sense, right? The sound like “no brainers,” don’t they? But are they accurate? In the case of steam heat, the statement is, at best, incomplete. For a steam system to operate properly, the components must control the flow of steam, water, and air.

Of course, the components control the flow of steam to the heat emitters, but as that steam moves through the piping two things need to happen:

1. Air must be pushed out of the way and eliminated from the system.
2. As the steam condenses and becomes water it has to be captured and returned to the boiler.

Then, after the unit shuts off, air must be pulled back in to the system. If the movement of the steam, water, or air is interrupted, the system will not operate properly.

The NORA Gold Advanced Steam class will review the various types of steam heating systems; the components of steam heating systems and how each affects system performance; the proper piping of steam systems; and troubleshooting tips and other information that will help you to understand and service your customer’s steam heating systems.


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