Advanced Heating Fuel Storage Tanks

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  • June 30, 2022
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

An ounce of protection can go a long way. Taking a proactive approach to overall tank management – from installation to regular checkups – will protect your customers. Many companies already do regular tank inspections and have procedures in place for proper installations. Getting your people Trained & Certified is one way to demonstrate your commitment to your customers, potential customers and, in many cases, your insurance company.

Unfortunately, many people in the Oilheat business view fuel oil storage tanks as the Achilles’ heel of our industry. While these people have valid concerns, the fact is that properly installed and maintained storage tanks are incredibly safe.

This course is also recognized as one of the NORA Gold Programs.

All attendees will receive and should utilize the NORA Heating Fuel Storage Tanks Guide for Quality Installation and Maintenance.

Registration fee includes: Lunch & NORA Heating Fuel Storage Tanks Guide for Quality Installation and Maintenance

Advanced Heating Fuel Storage Tanks Seminar will cover:

  • – Why tanks fail
  • – External and internal corrosion
  • – The role of water in tank failure
  • – Eliminating water from tanks
  • – Tank selection, sizing, placement and installation procedures. Spill protection
  • – Tank abandonment
  • – Tank inspection and assessment

Our Instructor:

Alan Mercurio, PPA’s Lead Technical Trainer, has over 30 years of industry experience in various roles including service technician, equipment sales, and service manager. Alan is an industry author, consultant, educator, and proctor. He holds certificates as a Master Technician in the State of Pennsylvania, Silver certificate from the PPA, is NORA Gold Certified, and is EPA Certified by the VGI Training center as a type I and type II Air Conditioning Technician. He is the past president and founder of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of OESP (Formerly NAOHSM), is on OESP’S Education committee, and is a liaison to NORA.


113 Main Street, Tullytown, Pennsylvania, 19007, United States