10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program

PPATEC is proud to offer our 10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program. This hands-on program offers industry-specific training and certification opportunities for students with little or no industry experience. The curriculum for this program was built by employers to prioritize the most important subject matter. The 10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program is the cornerstone of PPATEC’s workforce development programs for member companies.


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Here’s How You Can Take Advantage:

1. You Hire, We Train

How It Works:

  • Your company hires a candidate with limited or no field experience or identifies a current employee who would benefit from a formalized training program.
  • Your company establishes a trainee pay rate and pays the 10-week program tuition.
  • Employee applies for the Robert V. Boltz Scholarship to help offset tuition costs.
  • The PPA recommends the company enters into a training agreement with the employee in exchange for the investment.

The Advantages:

  • Scholarships available
  • Personal connection
  • Employee loyalty
  • Industry-specific training
  • Defined cost

“At Kauffman Gas, we recently welcomed a female technician eager to learn the trade, despite her limited technical background. We made the decision to enroll her in the PPATEC 10-Week Program for formal industry training and certifications. Following her graduation from the program, we have been thoroughly impressed by her solid foundational knowledge and technical prowess. She has already made an impact on our business!”
Chris Kauffman
CEO, Kauffman Gas

2. Hire a Veteran, Get Free Training

How It Works:

  • The PPA member company establishes steps to identify veteran candidates seeking a new career, starting with asking about military service during interviews.
  • The PPA member company hires the veteran candidate prior to the start of the 10-Week Program.
  • The veteran candidate uses their GI Bill® benefits to pay for all or a portion of the VA-approved 10-Week Program while attending the class as an employee.
  • The veteran candidate can also use their GI Bill® benefits to offset travel/lodging costs that would typically be incurred by the employer.

The Advantages:

  • Tuition at NO cost
  • Travel at NO cost
  • Attract a worthy candidate
  • Assured outcome

“R.F. Ohl is committed to employing military veterans. The PPATEC program has been a partner in achieving this initiative due to being approved for the use of GI Bill® benefits. This designation allows us to hire a veteran candidate and send them to the PPATEC industry specialized training program as part of their onboarding process. The veteran can use their GI Bill ® benefits to offset the tuition and travel costs and we are able to pay them competitive salary during their time spent attending the school. It’s a win-win for both the company and the employee.”
Steve Ohl
President, R.F. Ohl

3. We Train, You Hire

How It Works:

  • As a PPA member, you can interview current trainees—motivated students who are paying their own tuition or using GI Bill® benefits.
  • You may also make an employment offer to the trainee prior to their graduation.
  • Unlike the You Hire, We Train option, your company may be one of several PPA members interviewing—and making an offer to—the same candidate.

The Advantages:

  • Eliminates recruitment expense
  • No cost for training
  • Qualified job candidate
  • Rapid placement


“We hired a PPATEC graduate in September 2023 and the technician was able to transition to running preventative maintenance on his own within the first 6 months of employment. Attending the 10-Week Program prepared our new hire to enter the industry and make an immediate impact to on our team.”
Dominic Bailor
General Manager, HB Home Service Team